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Oreo Choco Chips Cookies


About Sam's Cookie

Hi I am Sam.,

I have a passion for baking cookies as it gives a sense of satisfaction. This passion started when my 2 boys were young and I wanted to bake delicious and healthy snacks for them. it has been more than 15 years and i never look back.

Cookies are the perfect snack if you have a busy day. From active children as a snack during the recess, or teatime snack during teams' discussions. Each bite into my cookie will not only bring satisfaction, but it will also lift your energy for the day. 

Above all, I want to be able to put my love, care and passion into every cookie that is handmade by myself, and be a part of your beautiful memory, events, and a source of comfort food while watching your favourite show. I want to bring a smile on your face- just like the way I have brought smiles to my boys. 

Please do try out,

With Lots of Love and hugs,

From Sam (Singapore)

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Sam Cookies4.jpeg

Comfort Food

 A Cookie that associates so many of your fond memories. Be it On that damp evening, along with a book and a cup of coffee, or watching your favourite show munching some cookies with your family. After one bite of the cookie, the familiar taste will bring back a sense of love, knowing that Someone does love and treasure you. Enjoy some ME time alone, play some music and sit at your favourite place. Notice the uniqueness of each cookie., and you will soon be drifted into your own imaginary world of joy and peace. Try it!

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